Our services result from years of experience and continuous innovation. By integrating client requirements, we address the needs while adhering to the core values of work satisfaction, quality, safety and sustainabilty.

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Engineering and modelling form the foundation of our projects. Our team of professional engineers are equipped with the latest and up-to-date software guaranteeing expertise, precision and quality in every endeavor.

Client-Centric approach
Our priority is realizing the client's vision.

International knowledge
Our steel structures adhere to the requirements for building locations internationally.

Collaborative partnerships
We work closely with our clients, fostering open and transparent communication to ensure that each steel construction project achieves its potential. This approach allows us to fine-tune every detail, resulting in construction projects that exceed expectations.

Global expertise
Our engineering team possesses extensive knowledge and holds licenses for international markets, allowing us to optimize our steel structures to meet the specific requirements of diverse locations. This global perspective ensures that our steel constructions align with local specifications, incorporating the appropriate load-bearing capacities.

''Our engineering team possesses extensive knowledge and holds licenses for international markets.''


Our dedicated team of project managers, handling numerous large and complex projects. Our approach centers on partnership, ensuring a coherent path from concept to completion.

Proven expertise
Our project managers have a track record of success in managing large, complex projects.

Collaboration with the client
Our project managers collaborate closely with the client to align structures precisely with their vision.

Years of expertise
Our project managers bring a wealth of experience to the table. Having successfully managed large and complex projects, they are well-equipped to address the unique challenges of the client’s endeavor.

Collaborative approach
We trust in a collaborative approach with our clients. Our project managers work hand-in-hand to understand the needs, preferences, and goals of each structure. Together, we shape the project’s path, making certain it aligns perfectly with the client’s vision.


Our production capabilities set us apart as one of the largest steel construction companies in the Netherlands. With the ability to process 45,000 metric tons of structural steel annually, we have the capacity to undertake even the most ambitious projects.

Cutting-Edge technology
Our state-of-the-art machinery guarantees precision and consistency in every product we manufacture.

State-of-the-Art machinery
Our cutting-edge production facilities are equipped with fully automatic machinery, ensuring precision and efficiency in every phase of manufacturing. This advanced technology allows us to deliver at fast lead-times without compromising on quality.

Large production capacity
Our large production facilities are designed for maximum efficiency, evident in our annual production capacity of 45,000 metric tons. This capacility positions us to handle projects of scale.

“With our efficient production processes, we are known for meeting short lead-times without compromising quality.”


We prioritize quality in our work, exemplified by our standard practice of applying protective coatings to our steel structures. This ensures the long-lasting durability, corrosion resistance and adds a visually appealing finish. 

Long-term durabilty
The coating safeguards the steel structures for lasting durability and corrosion.

The application is from a variety of finishes and classes.

Quality protection
The protective (powder) coating is designed to protect the steel structures from corrosion, weathering, and wear-and-tear. This ensures that the project remains durable and reliable over the long term.

Unique aesthetics
Our treatment is available in multiple classes and is applicable to choose the finish that complements the project’s aesthetics. This uniqueness ensures that the steel construction stands as one-of-a-kind.


We are committed to export our steel structures to clients anywhere in the world. To make this possible, we collaborate with shipping partners who can transport our steel structures across borders and overseas with ease.

Hassle-free shipping
We oversee and keep the client informed throughout the entire shipping process.

Global reach
We collaborate with experienced shipping partners to deliver worldwide.

Our (un)loading system guarantees quick and secure handling.

Shipping process
Through close collaboration, we have established a network for exporting our steel structures to their designated destination. We ensures that the transport process is closely monitored and consistently updated with the client.

Efficient (Un)loading system
Our well-thought-out and efficient (un)loading system ensures that the steel structures are handled with care and precision during transport. We understand the importance of coherent delivery process.

Transportation fleet
We depend on our dedicated transportation fleet, consisting of 7 trucks and 40 trailers.

“Our transportation process is designed to make it as efficient and hassle-free as possible.”

6Customer service

Our commitment to deliver customer service sets us apart, providing assistance throughout the entire construction process.

Coherent communication
We prioritize accessibility by providing a dedicated point of contact, ensuring streamlined communication for effective solutions throughout the construction phase.

Personalized support
Recognigzing the unique specification of each structure, we simplify the process by assigning a dedicated point of contact. The point of contact possesses in-depth knowledge of transportation, construction, and installation of the steel structure, ensuring that the client is guided at ease through the entire construction process.

Vigilant oversight
Our customer service team is always available. They play a crucial role in maintaining clear communication and quick responses. Their vigilant oversight helps identify and address any solution promptly, ensuring the project's integrity is upheld.

Our core value’s:
  • Work satisfaction
  • Quality and Safety
  • Sustainabilty


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