About this project

Year of realization 2020

Client Kreunen Bouw

Delivered products Staalconstructies
Prefab betonmontage

Wila Lochem


In the spring of 2020, under the commission of Kreunen Bouw, we constructed the steel structure for the new production facility of Wila at Kwinkweerd in Lochem, the Netherlands. With great pride, we are pleased to announce that, together with the other involved construction partners, we won the National Steel Award 2022 in the Industrial Construction category.

The structural design required significant customization due to the wide hall span, 'floating' cantilevers, canopies, and crane runways. Crafted with expertise at our Nijverdal facility.

We are delighted with this prestigious award, recognizing our commitment to quality work. The jury report highlights that the building was created with attention to detail and a focus on user experience.

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