About this project

Year of realization 2020

Client Bouwbedrijf Van de Ven Veghel

Delivered products Staalconstructies

The new distribution center, which will be completed at the end of 2022, will be largely mechanized and will therefore be one of the most modern distribution centers in the Netherlands. This distribution center ensures more efficient deliveries to all PLUS supermarkets. The latest developments in the field of sustainability also play an important role in the design of the building.

Rowell Versleijen, Director of Logistics at PLUS: “After years of intensive preparation, we have now started the real construction. Our new, sustainable and central distribution center will be built here in the near future, which will also provide additional employment in Oss. We will certainly keep everyone in the municipality of Oss and the surrounding area informed of developments.”

Frank den Brok, alderman for economy in the municipality of Oss: “PLUS's national distribution center is an asset to Oss. After a time of preparation, the shovel is now going into the ground. Soon more than 270 PLUS supermarkets will receive all non-perishable products from a hypermodern, mechanized distribution center at Vorstengrafdonk. And PLUS immediately becomes one of the larger employers in Oss. We are already proud of that.”

Progress of construction

The contracting company Van de Ven has now started the first preparatory construction work. Recently, the focus has been on assembling the steel construction, roof and facade. In mid-2021, the distribution center will be ready to the point that the mechanization can be started.

For more information, see also: Distributiecentrum Oss (plus.nl)



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