Our Logistaal concept, developed by Brink Steel Group, has successfully delivered numerous Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMBs). Our specialization lies in the diligent design, efficient production, unique coating and reliable transportation of large-scale retail and commercial warehouses. The Logistaal concept differentiates itself through the application of in-house expertise in the preliminary phase, leading to increased efficiency throughout the entire process and achieving cost-effectiveness.

  • Clients experience enhanced project efficiency with the Logistaal concept, benefitting from expedited engineering and production processes that optimize overall costs.
  • Logistaal structures are manufactured to align with the specific construction requirements, leveraging our expertise in efficient construction practices.
  • Logistaal's comprehensive proposal encompasses 3D engineering, production, coating, shipping, and fasteners. Optionally, we provide foundation plans and anchors. 
  • Rely on Logistaal's expertise throughout the entire construction process—from conception to completion—ensuring a  efficient execution.
  • Experience the advantages of a fast, economical, and high-quality Logistaal construction solution.
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''The Logistaal's unique, affordable, and fast approach efficiently turns vision into reality.''



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