• Office
  • Storage of steel profiles
  • Production halls welding work
  • Drilling and sawing machine
  • Punch shearing machine
  • Cutting and drilling plates
  • Storage of finished product
  • Future expansion
Locatie van Nijverdal
  • 15.000 T
    Steel production per year
  • 6.450 M2
    floor space Nijverdal
  • 30.679 M2
    storage area


Our office in Nijverdal. The coffee is ready for you!

Opslag staalprofielen

Storage of steel profiles

Storage warehouse for steel profiles, untreated. The steel profiles are stored in our house, which guarantees the quality of the steel profiles.

Production halls welding work

Production halls for assembling and welding our steel constructions. The halls are equipped with skylights for plenty of natural daylight and welding fume extraction.

Drilling and sawing machine

CNC controlled drilling/sawing machine for drilling and sawing the steel profiles. In this machine, the steel beams are also provided with markings for later attachment of gusset plates.

Punch shearing machine

CNC controlled punching/cutting machine for punching and cutting the gusset plates.

Cutting and drilling plates

We can go here for cutting and drilling plates. Our Brinkies work on beautiful products every day.

Opslag gereed product

Storage of finished product

Temporary storage of our products on trailers. After this it is transported to the steel coater and to the customer.

Toekomstige uitbreiding

Future expansion

Room for future expansion.


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