Why we invest in Automated Machinery

23-12-2023 Machinery Brink Staalbouw

Succes thrives on Innovation.


Innovation is at the core of our success. Since relocating to our production facility in Barneveld, we recognize Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery as a key driver for efficiently manufacturing our steel construction products. To further enhance our production capabilities, we have recently invested in cutting-edge machinery, focusing on precision, efficiency, and sustainability. We expect to commence operations with the new machinery in summer 2024.
Automated precision with CNC
Our succes is intricately tied to the integration of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology. This manufacturing approach automates the control, movement, and precision of machine tools through preprogrammed computer software. The outcome is a remarkable level of accuracy in every cut, drill, and movement.
Looking ahead, Brink Staalbouw is committed to investing in advanced steel processing machines to maintain our technological edge and significantly increase our production capacity.
Key benefits
- Enhanced precision and quality: The new machinery elevates productivity and product quality by building on the high standards set by CNC technology. Precision is a focal point, ensuring each steel component meets exact specifications.
- Efficiency through Automation: Our investment in automation, including a new drilling, sawing, and profiling system, to further increase our workflow for optimized production processes.
- Sustainabilty Focus: The investment extends beyond productivity to include a conscious step towards sustainability. Energy-saving features in the new machinery align with our efforts to reduce its environmental footprint.
- Revolutionizing Circular Production: The state-of-the-art profiling system signifies a commitment to circular production practices, ensuring steel constructions are produced efficiently and with environmental consciousness.

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