Expertise, Quality and Innovation.

23-11-2023 Meet Brink Steel Group

Building the Future: Expertise, Quality, and Innovation.


We are Brink Steel Group, the international subsidiary of parent company Brink Staalbouw, a leading steel construction company in the Netherlands since 1998. Together, we specialize in the design, fabrication, and transportation of unique steel constructions for large-scale structures abroad and overseas.
Brink Staalbouw stands as a no-nonsense leader in the Dutch steel construction industry. Leveraging the combined strength of Brink Steel Group, we are advancing our global knowledge with a dedicated focus on three key pillars: Expertise, Quality, and Innovation.
Why Choose Brink Steel Group?
- Extensive knowledge in 3D design and engineering following international requirements.
- High production capacity of 45,000 metric tons annually.
- Fully automatic in-house machinery for fast lead times.
- Standard powder coating in various finishes available.
- Management and supervision of the end-to-end transportation process.
- Diligent project management throughout installation.
- Sustainability at the heart with Circulairstaal.
In collaboration with our concept, Logistaal, we initiated a venture in the Netherlands several years ago to optimize the development of large-scale logistics real-estate. Our approach involves the efficient production of pre-engineered metal buildings at our production facilities, adhering to specified local requirements and dimensions. This concept ensures effective production, reduces costs without the need for on-site welding.
Leading in Sustainability
Important to our long-term perspective is Circulairstaal, our innovative and environmentally conscious steel construction subsidiary. Driven by the vision that sustainability will play a major role in the future of steel construction, Circulairstaal specializes in designing and constructing sustainable steel structures. Our forward-thinking approach ensures that our buildings are not only durable but also designed for disassembly and reuse at the end of their lifecycle.
Cross-Border Approach
As the international arm of Brink Staalbouw, we bring our proven national knowledge internationally. From engineering to shipping, we work in collaboration with reliable partners to ensure successful projects.
At Brink Steel Group, we are not just constructing steel; we are building the future with expertise, quality, and innovation.

Brink Steel Group – Building to Endure.


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