Brink Steel Group with physical locations in the Netherlands and operating under European legislation, our certifications and compliance measure are primarily tailored to meet the standards and requirements of the European Union.

Quality, safety, and sustainability

Brink Steel Group is committed to ensuring that the operation meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. To achieve this, we adhere to the guidelines set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We are proud to hold certifications that demonstrate our compliance with these standards. The NEN-EN 1090-2:2011 standard specifies technical requirements and tolerances for steel structures.

We place great emphasis on the competence and certification of our welding professionals, ensuring that they possess the necessary qualifications to meet these standards. By prioritizing quality, safety, and sustainability in all our operations, we strive to consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients and partners.


CE certification

Brink Steel Group provides its steel constructions with a CE certificate in Execution Classes 2 and 3 (EXC 2 and EXC 3). To be able to apply for a CE marking, we possess a Factory Production Control (FPC) certificate based on NEN-EN 1090-1.

The FPC certificate, according to NEN-EN ISO 1090-1, and our EXC2 and EXC3 certification number 0620-CPR-86590 demonstrates our compliance with technical requirements and tolerances outlined in the NEN-EN 1090-2:2011.


Security certificate

Brink Steel Group placed a high value on safety which is a fundamental aspect of our operations. We have obtained the VCA* 2017/6.0 safety certification, with certificate number: NCK.2021.465.VCA.H290, which validates our safety management process.

However, safety is not just about managing processes; it is about making it a standard in everything we do. We believe that safety, job satisfaction, and quality go hand in hand, forming the basis of all our actions. Our goal is for every employee to arrive safely on their destination, by using their common sense and not put themselves or others in danger and return home safely at the end of the day.


FSC® certification

We prioritize sustainability and have taken several steps to ensure our operations align with this commitment. We have obtained the FSC® certification, with certificate number SKH-COC-000491 which demonstrates our adherence to responsible and sustainable forestry practices.

In recognition of our dedication to sustainable practices, we were honored with the National Sustainability Steel Award in 2016. This prestigious award highlights our ongoing efforts to promote sustainability within the steel construction industry.

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