Building to Endure

Brink Staalbouw as parent company of Brink Steel Group, has physical presence in the Netherlands and is a forward-thinking steel construction company. Our commitment extends to high-quality structures, top-tier safety standards, and fostering a positive and enjoyable corporate culture. Through our subsidiary Circulairstaal®, we are actively engaged in reducing our environmental impact and foster sustainability across all facets of our operations. We venturing into Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, enabling cost-effective and visually appealing constructions. Our journey since 1998 drives us to innovate and setting new industry standards.

Mission and vision
Building tomorrow’s Steel Construction with today’s expertise
Assemble steel structures

At Brink Steel Group, we are committed to providing reliable and high-quality steel constructions. We are driven by a passion for work-satisfaction, quality, safety, and sustainability in delivering exceptional work to our clients. As a leading provider of large-scale steel constructions, we are committed to maintaining our competitive edge through cost-effectiveness, high production capacity, and fast lead-times.

Collaborating with our industry-leading subsidiary, Circulairstaal®, we are firmly committed to achieving circularity by 2030. Alongside Brink Steel Group, our goal is to enhance foreign markets, stimulate economic development, and provide support to local communities. Together, we are dedicated to shaping a durable and sustainable future.

Our advantages at a glance

We are specialized in large-scale constructions, for commercial warehouses, parking garages, and industrial buildings.

  • We adhere to a proven approach covering 3D engineering, production, coating, transportation, and project management.
  • Our team and advanced production facilities yield 45,000 metric tons of structural steel annually.
  • All constructions include a standard protective coating.
  • Our clients experience seamless support throughout the entire construction process.

"We are proud of our reputation for providing value through high-quality steel structures with industry-leading efficiency, short lead times, and competitive pricing. Our commitment to the client's vision is central, as we stay loyal to our mission: Driven by a passion for work-satisfaction, quality, safety, and sustainability in delivering exceptional work to our clients." - CEO Mr. Kwintenberg.

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